Living as I please...

What if we look for the meaning

before looking for productivity?

The question of the meaning of our existence concerns us particularly intensely in the middle of our lives, around the age of 40 to 50. This is when it becomes important to explore what is essential to us in the years to come, in order to live in our ‘Flow’ – an optimal experience of life. Flow 50+ is an offer for people aged 50 and over and for those who wish to give their lives more meaning through an authentic way of life. Convinced that self-knowledge and meeting with others are essential for personal development, our trainers and coaches offer you four different programmes of support, which they provide with professionalism and enthusiasm. Join us and discover our creative events!

Join us and discover our creative events! 

FLOW Tea Time



FLOW Eclipse

Two days to plan

the next stage of your life!

FLOW Travel

A journey that lets you see

with new eyes!


FLOW Coaching



Our offer in detail!

The core of our offer

Supporting people aged 50 and over through group events and moments for yourself on topics related to the search for meaning in the second half of life. Those under the age of 50 who want to give their lives more meaning and be inspired by older people are also very welcome to join us.


Through our programmes, we want to intensify the intercultural exchange between Germany and France and thus strengthen the German-French friendship. We, therefore, offer our programmes in Alsace in the regions of Strasbourg and Haguenau in French, and in Baden-Württemberg in the regions of Kehl and Offenburg in German.

Why Flow?

When we are in the “flow”, we feel a deep sense of well-being and satisfaction. It is a mental state that is achieved when we are completely immersed in an activity and are in an optimal state of concentration and involvement.

Why 50+?
It is often in the middle of our lives, at 50 and over, that we intensely question the meaning of our existence.

Especially for this age group there are hardly any offers or possibilities to meet like-minded people or to develop yourself, except in very few sports clubs and associations.

Why participate in Flow 50+ events?
  • To meet new people, be inspired by each other and be enriched by the topics offered.
  • To take time for yourself, to flourish and give more meaning to your life.
  • To find answers to your questions and expand the field of possibilities:

Who am I? What place do I want to have in society? What do I still want to achieve in life? What do I want to pass on to future generations? And many other questions…

  • Because all events are led by professional, experienced and friendly trainers and coaches.
  • Because all events take place in a friendly and relaxed setting.
  • Because the wide range of offers has something for everyone: group or individual coaching, from a few hours to a few days, face-to-face or virtual

You have the opportunity to experience Franco-German exchanges in exploring the search for meaning.

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