Flow Coaching

Individual support to unleash your talent…

‘”There is an inner strength in every person that, once released, can turn any vision, dream or desire into reality.”

Do you have a personal project that is close to your heart? Would you like to be supported by a professional in defining the steps that will allow you to achieve your goal and stay motivated throughout the project?

Our coaches are here to help you – virtually and face-to-face!

During the first session, you define the objective you have set or the problem you wish to solve, as well as the number of sessions and the location of the sessions.

How do the coaching sessions work?
Coaching : Individual and personalised assistance provided by a certified professional coach. The role of the coach is to help the coachee take advantage of their resources to solve a problem or reach an objective using their own solutions, i.e. by being an agent of change and by finding the answers to questions in themselves.
Location :  In-person in the place of your choice or suggested by us, or remotely by videoconference.
Duration : Depending on the topic, between 3 and 8 sessions of 2 hours on average.
Topic : You can ask our coaches for any personal development project such as developing self-knowledge and self-confidence, preparing for life as a future retiree, writing a book, preparing a trip, organising a family event, returning to studies, etc
Languages : Our coaches speak French, German and English and are happy to coach you in the language of your choice.
Pricing : The first one-hour session is free and allows you to express your needs and define the place and number of sessions. The rate for subsequent sessions is €90 per hour, €180 for a two-hour session.
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